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Design Process

Every project begins with a discussion.  We take time to discuss the goals and budget of our clients before we begin the process of finding creative solutions to meet their needs. We discuss how clients will use the space, what their hopes are for the project, and what their priorities are. We also carefully consider the possibilities of each site to discover the unique opportunities available in terms of light, views, and landscaping. We then develop a unique design and translate it into models along with both hand-drawn and computer renderings in order to give the client a thorough grasp of the design and how it will work.  During the construction process, we make frequent site visits and serve as the liaison between the client and the contractor to make sure the building process proceeds smoothly.  In many cases, we provide landscaping and interior design consultations as well. 

References and residence lists available upon request.

Thomas Carey, Principal

After graduating from Yale University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Thomas Carey began his career as a carpenter-builder, constructing his own designs. He then worked with several large firms on large urban and commercial projects in the U.S., Switzerland, and the Middle East before starting his own firm in Boston, Massachusetts in the mid-1980s.  His firm has worked on dozens of single-family homes, renovations, additions, commercial and public projects, including projects for the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and the College of the Atlantic.